June 20, 2024

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Benefits of using the hand sanitizer during the pandemic conditions

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alcohol in the hand sanitizer

Last Updated on August 27, 2021 by Jonathan Lopez

Our body gets served with our hands and thus there are chances of it getting affected with the germs and other viruses. Furthermore, they carry them to the mouth, nose, eyes and other parts. From ancient times we follow the way of washing it with soap to clean them and now we have another option of using the alcohol in the hand sanitizer.

The hand sanitizer has now became more than the worth of the gold during the covid conditions. The recommended alcohol in the hand sanitizer remains 60 percent and this should be ideal to clean the hands without causing any side effects or damage to the skin.

Here in this article we discuss some of the benefits you get by using the hand sanitizer:

Sanitizers do not require water to clean

The great advantage of using the hand sanitizer is that it does not require water to wash and clean your hands. Furthermore you don’t have to look for the water or go near to the sink to wash the hands. Usually cleaning the hands will be highly dependent on water and with this handy alcohol in the hand sanitizer you can now keep your hands clean in no time.

You can carry it everywhere

Another benefit is that the hand sanitizer can be carried where ever you go and you can keep your hand hygienic in all times. Unlike soap, which requires a case to carry and water to wash, hand sanitizer is much portable and thus helps to remove the virus and bacteria from the hands. This remains a smart choice to keep your hands clean from germs when you travel. Keep your hand sanitizer in your pocket or handbag before you step out of the house.

Alcohol in the hand sanitizer helps to kill virus and bacteria

Here is the major benefit of the hand sanitizer where it helps to react with the cell wall of the bacteria, germs and viruses there by inhibiting their growth on the hands. The transient bacterium that lives on the hand surface can be removed by applying the hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer removes the germs and kills bacteria and viral particles staying on the hands according to the CDC and thus you get less contact with the eyes and nose. Foam based hand sanitizers are available these days to clean your hand.

Perfect for all kinds of skin

The basic complain when using the soap or other detergents is that they are harsh to the skin as they contain certain chemicals. Using the soaps in the public might also create allergic reactions or sometimes leave rashes behind. Using the hand sanitizer is the much better way than using the chemical soap to keep your skin safe and germs free.

Other advantages of using the hand sanitizer include:

  • Can be made customized
  • You can share it with your friend and relatives around you


The using of the hand sanitizer during the pandemic conditions is broad as it kills the germs on your hands and prevent their entry inside our body through our nose, hands, eyes and other parts.

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