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How to Choose a White Noise Machine for Babies?

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How to Choose a White Noise Machine for Babies

Last Updated on January 25, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

You’ve heard of a white noise machine and you’re interested in testing it. How do you select the white noise system which is the best fit for your requirements?

The good news is that choosing the best sound machine doesn’t have to be a challenge. There are a few factors to keep in mind when you are looking for sound. That can make you fall into the hay more quickly before you begin counting sheep.

What Is White Noise?

In simple terms to put it simply, “color” of noise is simply the “color” of noise is the intensity and frequency of the sound wave. White noise is comprised of all frequencies humans can detect with the same volume. The typical shuffling sounds (“shhh”) the noise of a fan or the crackling of static on tv are just. A few examples of white noise that you hear in everyday life.

“White noise” can be used as a catch-all term for the relaxing sounds our products provide. In reality, we use the term “white noise” because that’s the word that the majority of our customers utilize. However, the sounds that our Dohm products emit are pink noise.

In this post we’ll use”white noise. “white noise” to include pink noise as well as other sounds that you can sleep with. For more information on the distinction between white noise. Pink sound, and brown noise, take an interest in this blog article.

Why Is White Noise Beneficial?

According to a study carried out in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. White noise has been proven to improve sleep quality based on subjective and objective measures.

White noise blocks out noises that disturb sleep or distract you from essential tasks and make it easier to sleep or focus.

White noise is also beneficial for parents who are new or caregivers trying to help their children. To go to bed particularly in new or unfamiliar environments.

Types of White Noise Machine

There are two kinds of noises: electronically created white noise and mechanically generated white noise. The distinction is usually subtle however some individuals favor one type over another.

Digitally Produced White Noise

Digitally generated white noise makes use of sound files to create different sounds, like storms, ocean rain or. A majority of our multi-sound devices come with a digital version of our mechanical. Fan-driven Dohm sounds. Digitally generated white noise is typically the most suitable option for those. Who like a wide range of natural and white noise sounds.

Mechanically Produced White Noise

Our fan-powered Dohm Sound Machines is an example of mechanical white noise. We also call mechanical noise machines to be “natural” sound machines. Mechanical sound machines generate an acoustic type of white noise. Like the sound of the fan (or in the case of the Dohm that is created by a real fan.)

Some people find mechanically created white noise more relaxing than digitally generated sounds.

Types of Sound Machines

Yogasleep offers a range of sound machines that provide relaxing amazing. The incredibly beneficial sound that is white noise. Our products can be classified into two types. Sound machines that use fans as well as multi-sonic machines.

Fan-Based “Natural” Sound Machines

The Dohm Classic has been our most adored and most well-loved white noise machine since its creation in 1962. Many users swear by its relaxing sound.

It is equipped with a genuine fan enclosed in a casing of plastic. And produces an enveloping white noise without disrupting the flow of air.

Two of our popular fan-based sound machines. Which are the Dohm Natural and the Dohm Uno also emit white noise. The major difference between the three Dohms is that unlike Dohm Classic and the Dohm Classic. As well the Dohm Natural lets you customize your tone by turning the collar and cap, Dohm Uno. Let’s you adjust the tone by rotating the cap and collar, Dohm Uno is more straightforward and has a constant sound.

Multi-Sound Machines

Multi-sound machines provide more sounds than simply white noise. They can also include natural sounds such as the ocean’s waves and rain or crickets. Or songs that induce sleep, such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Our multi-sound devices, such as those of the Dreamcenter duet along with the Nod come. With an ambient lighting system for the night to give you more atmosphere. We have three of our multi-sound machines. The Travelcube, Rohm along Hushh are compact and small which makes them ideal to take on trips.

What to Look For

What factors should you be looking for when selecting the most suitable white noise? Here are some important factors to look at regardless of the source you’re getting your white noise.


Stop spinning and tossing in strange hotel rooms. Or a quiet baby on a long-distance journey with a portable white noise maker.

If you’re looking to relax with peaceful sounds while on the move be sure. That the sound device is powered by batteries or USB-rechargeable. Such as our top-selling Hugh as well as Rohm.

Volume Control

The amount you set the volume of the sound system to will usually be based on the kind of sound you’re trying to block out. It is also important to ensure that the sound system isn’t too high in volume because it can damage your (or children’s) ears.

For instance, the Dohm products have an audio volume range of between 50 and 70 decibels. This blocks the majority of the peaceful but irritating noises that disturb our sleep along with some louder and more annoying tones. To make the process even simpler to manage, the majority of our audio devices come with a volume control feature.


Different people prefer various tones, volume levels, and varieties of noise. For instance, the Dohm Classic, as well as the Dohm Natural, let users turn the collar to discover the right tone for you. Dohm Natural and our sound machines come with a variety of recorded sounds to help create the perfect sound for sleep.

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