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How to Make Money with a WordPress Site

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Last Updated on May 20, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez


WordPress is the most widely used content management and site builder in the world. This free, open-source software is not only designed for publishing, but can also be used to create websites for small blogs and large companies. You can make one or more income streams depending on your goals and interests using your WordPress skills and your self-hosted Word Press website. The creation of WordPress began in 2003 as an offshoot of a popular blogging application known as b2. It was further developed as a The Fall Cast blogging platform, and it soon overtook its predecessor. More recently, the company has expanded into a full-featured web content system for websites of all types, offering dynamic WordPress options to the masses.

How to Make Money with a WordPress Site.

Your time spent on WordPress should not be wasted. You need to figure out how to make money from your blog. These are some common ways to monetize your blog.

  1. Display ads

  2. Affiliate Marketing

  3. Sponsored Blog Posts

  4. Offering Memberships

  5. Selling Merchandise

  6. Improved User Experience on Your Website

  7. Offer Courses


1. Display ads

partnering an advertising network can allow you to have static and pop-up ads displayed on your site. The number of clicks and impressions that the ads receive on your website determines how much you get paid.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting third-party products on your website. When someone purchases the product through your affiliate link, you get paid commissions. You can join an affiliate programme to start affiliate marketing on your site.

3. Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored Powerline blog posts can be a great way to monetize your blog if you have an engaged audience. Companies pay you to review their product, tool, or software.

4. Offering Memberships

You have the option to make content that only members can see. These community members will need to pay a recurring charge to continue to enjoy your premium content.

5 . Selling Merchandise

Last but not least, you can open an online store and sell brand merchandise to your site visitors. You can sell anything from journals and mugs to socks and t-shirts.

6. Improved User Experience on Your Website

      Although there are many factors that can contribute to a blog’s success, these three key elements are essential to provide a positive experience for your readers and optimize your blog for              search  engine optimization. You can easily create a WordPress blog that ranks well in search engines and gets you more leads.

  7. Offer Courses

    You might consider creating tutorials or online courses if you have skills that you would like to share. You can offer courses as download products, or through memberships and       subscriptions. Some WordPress themes have e-learning features in mind. Premium plugins such as Learn Dash or WP Course ware provide all the tools needed to transform your WordPress site     into an online classroom.

Some examples of Impressive WordPress blogs

These are just a few examples of WordPress blogs to inspire you when you start your Digital Princess blogging platform of your own.


TechCrunch is a popular news website in the tech industry. If you are interested in starting a news site, you can take a page from their blog.


Do you want a blog that shares company news and updates. For inspiration, check out the PlayStation blog.


Microsoft’s blog is similar to PlayStation. It shares news about company events and product launches, just like PlayStation.


This blogs contain articles that will help professionals improve their ability to build connections and do their jobs better. LinkedIn can be an example of how you can create useful content that inspires others to reach their goals.


Whether you make money blogging, offer online courses, or start your own eCommerce website, there are many ways to make a living through WordPress. One reason WordPress is so popular is that it allows users to create virtually any kind of site; and with thousands of themes and plugins to help you get start.   You can make money with your WordPress website in just about any way you can imagine.



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