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Why Kraft Boxes Have Become The Need of The Hour?

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Last Updated on July 6, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

The packaging industry is flourishing exponentially with every rising sun. Same is the case with businesses that comes up with amazing products to make people’s lives easy and exciting. We are blessed with every type and kind of product to facilitate our lives such as cosmetics, medicines, household, craft, electronics, kids, sanitary, food, and whatnot?

There is a product for every purpose. Ever imagined a life without a product as basic as soap? Impossible! But every action has a reaction. Every human activity leaves an everlasting impact on the environment we live in. Where innovation and technology has revolutionized the world, it has left us with the irreversible and disastrous environmental crisis.

Thanks to environmental awareness, packaging companies are coming up with more and more eco-friendly packaging solutions such as Kraft gift boxes that are not only sustainable but competent enough to give better presentation and durability. Kraft packaging has completely changed product packing and brought it up to another level because of the benefits it has to offer. Today, Kraft cardboard is widely used because it is popular and environmentally friendly.

This is mainly due to the type of paper material manufacturers use to create these units. Therefore, after use, these boxes can be recycled for some time. The good thing is that they use a thin pulp to make these boxes. By starting your own business using handmade boxes instead of plastic, you can do your part to protect them from pollution. Let’s look at the 5 advantages of this alternative.

Screams Sustainability

Non-ecofriendly packaging like plastic has been responsible for the death of many wild and marine lives. It has also contaminated the natural resources like a plantation, soil, and water because of the excess waste from the manufacturing process.

If things keep going the way they are it will become hard for living beings to survive on Earth. Kraft packaging is made up of recycled Kraft paper or wood pulp; both of these are biodegradable and recyclable. Kraft packaging leaves no or minimum carbon footprint, which makes it the most loveable and responsible packing solution.


Kraft paper is highly customizable in terms of giving unique shapes, sizes, and designs that create a better and improved packaging for the companies. 1 2 3 bottom boxes made up of kraft paper are the most secure and durable packaging boxes. You can also refer to them as snap-lock boxes. 1 2 3 bottom boxes have three bottom flaps that interlock together to give the most secure closure.

These boxes are far greater in durability and strength to tuck bottom boxes. They are not only strong but also highly customizable in terms of giving captivating and high-end printing and laminations in different finishes like glossy or matte. The manufacturing cost of 1 2 3 bottom boxes is relatively less than other boxes.

Aesthetically Appealing

Custom printing on kraft boxes enhances their outlook to the maximum. High-end printing techniques like screen, laser, and inkjet printing give vivid and clear results that increase the quality. Custom logo, eye-catching colors, and captivating patterns or imagery on the boxes enhance the aesthetic appeal of your packaging.


Kraft boxes give the most stylish, trendy, and durable packaging to every type of product that is available in the market. These boxes fulfil all the product packing needs effortlessly. For food items, custom kraft boxes are the most health-friendly and for jewelry they are the most stylish and durable, whereas for clothing these boxes offer perfect containment and presentation.

Resistant To Damage

These days’ kraft boxes are recommended by the companies and the customers. Kraft paper is a special type of material that can bear all kind of pressures, hits, falls, and shocks. Moreover, the strength of these boxes can be increased by adding corrugated layers. Custom lamination increases the quality of kraft packaging boxes and makes them water or moisture-proof. Perfect!


Companies look for packaging solutions that are appealing yet affordable. Kraft packaging wholesale is the most economical packaging that does not compromise the quality and durability of the boxes. The world has not only become innovative but also efficient in the way things are done.

People and companies come up with the way that takes less effort and give more output. Kraft paper is one of those materials that are necessary to create an outstanding packaging that builds a professional image of the brand in the most efficient and economical manner, without being a mess.

High strength

Firstly, this solution is of high quality as it withstands the effects of elements such as vibration, heat and humidity. In fact, Kraft is on the list of materials that can stand the test of time. The good thing is that these boxes can have corrugated layers. They are therefore quite durable and long-lasting, making it easy for manufacturers to pack and transport them. The product packed in it remains intact during transport.

Many Uses

Craft boxes today offer a lot of useful software. Nowadays they are an ideal choice for handmade and flavored products. The thing is, handmade boxes can be used for jewelry. In addition, they are very beautiful and can protect small jewelry such as rings, necklaces and bracelets. You can customize these boxes to the personal preferences of your loved ones. So they can be used in many ways.

Better Printing Options

When it comes to graphic and printing opportunities, craft boxes can be an ideal choice. They support a variety of printing options such as screen printing, digital printing and lithography. They are the ideal choice if you want to identify and brand your product. You can print your company logo or artwork.

In fact, you can also print product information on these boxes. For example, you can print your business address and other details on these boxes to suit your needs. For companies, they can become a means of separating brand awareness. To promote a product, you can regularly use it for your business purposes. It not just offer the great look and protection to your boxes but also helps in getting more product sales.

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