June 20, 2024

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Snack on these Fruits to Stay Healthy

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Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

The health benefits of all types of fruits are just astonishing. From fighting cancerous cells to reducing stress hormones to increasing metabolism, fruits are enriched with plenty of health benefits. Starting from babies to the older ones, fruits are really amazing to snack on for everyone. They are easy to eat. Some fruits are already sweet, just peel them off and enjoy. On the other hand, some fruits must be cooked and turned into a delicious recipe to enjoy as an incredible add-on with breakfast or lunch. However, there are some fruits that have unique benefits, novel properties, and special ways to prepare & eat. Here we can discuss three of them:

Passion Fruit

It sounds exotic. Isn’t it? But it doesn’t look that way. Having yellow or purple skin, you may confuse these fruits with lemon or plum until cutting them in half. Passion fruit grows in tropical regions like New Zealand, Hawaii, and Australia on passionflower vines. Inside these fruits are crunchy seeds and juicy yellow pulp. It tastes tart and sweet and has a strange aroma. But, only their seeds and pulp is good to eat not their peel.


Vitamin C is used by our body to produce blood vessels, muscles, and collages while removing damaged cells and making skin younger & clearer. Passion fruits have a hoard of Vitamin C in them. Just a spoonful of passion fruit is enough to provide your body with the required amount of Vitamin C to do its proper functioning.


Passion fruits have rich fiber content. Eating these fruits may help lowers cholesterol levels, reduce the risk for diabetes, and minimize the chance of heart diseases & certain types of cancers. They are full of nutrients and minerals and provide your body with calcium, phosphorous, and other necessary components for proper functioning and a healthy lifestyle.

Persimmon Fruit

Looks like a tomato, tastes citrus & sweet, called as berry, persimmon fruit is all special. They come from certain trees in the genus Diospyros. This fruit comes in late fall but sometimes in winter as well. Their color ranges from yellow to dark orange. Their shape looks like a pumpkin. Their size is like a tomato or a small grapefruit. It seems like persimmons are complemented by many of the fruits and vegetables.


Persimmon fruit is commercially grown in California and Florida. They are enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. They provide lots of health benefits. Loaded with vitamin C, they support the immune system and reduce the risk of heart diseases. They have a high amount of soluble dietary fibers. They slow the digestion of carbohydrates and prevent blood sugar from getting high. Permissions have abilities to clear arteries and help prevent strokes and heart diseases. They may help keep eyes healthy. They are rich in Vitamin A that prevents vision loss and eye diseases like cataracts.

Red banana

Bananas are one the healthiest fruits available on Planet Earth. More than 1000 varieties of bananas are available and red banana is one of them that are relished by consumers. They are classified by their unique color. They are affordable, delicious, and healthy to consume. They taste like a banana with a touch of raspberry sweetness. They have many health benefits. Comes with a large number of nutrients and benefits, they improve heart health, boost energy, trigger health in the immune system, and improve digestion. Red bananas are immensely rich in healthy carbohydrates like sucrose & fructose. 


They supply instant energy that is released into the bloodstream. Red bananas have a rich amount of Vitamin C than yellow bananas, thus making them a perfect fruit to consume for skin health, robust immune system, and eye health. They also promote weight loss because they are low in fat and have a high amount of dietary fiber in them. They also control blood pressure and work best to manage diabetes as well. Hence, all these fruits are extremely rich in providing health benefits but taking them more than the normal quantity may cause some issues and have bad effects on health. Because an excess of everything is bad.

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