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Why are Fireworks Used for Celebrations?

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Last Updated on December 2, 2021 by Jonathan Lopez

Fireworks have always been part of many festivities and holidays, and are always seen as a symbol of happiness and joy. All over the globe, we see huge amounts of fireworks that are used to celebrate various occasions together with people, be it a wedding ceremony, any national or historical day or something sad etc. Whenever there is any occasion, people opt for fireworks due to their appeal.

It is known by many that the origin of the actual fireworks took place in the city of ancient Liuyang in China dated back to the 2nd century B.C. These fireworks began as stalks that would explode due to overheating of the air pockets that are hollow within the bamboo. The 3 main ingredients for these fireworks include sulfur, saltpetre and charcoal.  Sparklers Fireworks is a shop you need to visit for buying any type of fireworks that suits your need.

Why are they used for celebrations

This is because people associate good news with achievements and milestones. Fireworks seems to be one of the best options to add some joy to your lives and rightly so due to their attractive colours that dazzle the crowd as they explode in the air. People generally love to stare at the multiple forms of exploding fireworks that produce multiple colours and patterns when they explode. 

Apart from the mentioned things, the fireworks have also been used as a part of military victories and religious ceremonies for the past few decades. They were and still are used in China as a means of warding off evil spirits according to the Chinese traditions.

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What are fireworks?

They are just chemical reactions taking place and as a result of triggering it through a spark or fire. They are rockets of different shapes and sizes filled with fuel that is sealed from one end and a nozzle on the other end. Whenever the fuel is burnt, it produces forces via gases which force the rocket to fly away. They are filled with multiple chemicals and powders which, upon triggering via fire, react in multiple ways thereby producing various colours and explosion designs etc. All of this makes them look eye-catching to the public.

What are the different types of fireworks used in celebrations?    

There is a ton of variety available when it comes to fireworks. These include:

The Brocade

These are sparks of trailing stars that fall gradually in an open umbrella pattern in large numbers glittering the sky with beauty

The Crossette

This is a shell that contains large stars which travel a small distance and then break apart into further smaller stars along with a crackling sound.

The Crackling Rain

These create large, but slow-burning stars packed in a shell which leaves a trail full of glittering sparkles behind it and also a loud noise like a sizzle.

The Strobe

These are rockets that upon exploding, give off stars that are coloured and that blink/flash on and off in midair.

A set-piece

This one is unique. It combines many coloured lines in the form of small flares. These combines’ lines together form a set pattern or a word/letter which can be seen in the air for about a minute. This is a custom made piece and may cost more than a typical one.

Some facts and guidelines

  • The fireworks should be dealt with care as they are both highly explosive and poisonous. There have been many incidents even on record about factories and homes being burnt down to ashes just because of a single firework ignition that led to the triggering effect for the whole batch. 
  • They cannot be recycled as well.
  • Multiple elements and metals are combined to give the fireworks different colours.
  • The blue colour is the hardest one to manufacture in terms of fireworks.
  • The discovery and invention of fireworks led to the creation of weapons based on gun powder

All in all, they are an amazing sight to see. People flock towards countries where they specifically hold annual fireworks festivals because they are worth seeing in real life rather than on videos. However, anyone who is dealing with fireworks should always practice extra caution in their handling as they are very fragile and can cause a huge fire and possible injuries/casualties if mishandled in any way.

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