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Your Guide to Oracle Cloud Certifications

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Oracle Cloud Certifications

Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by Jonathan Lopez

Oracle Cloud Certification are the trend, and it is expanding rapidly. Since cloud technology involves multiple networks within the network and the sharing of resources, there is a need for technical people who insist on handling the various tasks related to developing and implementing cloud technology. Oracle Cloud certifications are created to teach, train, and emphasize your cloud technology skills, so you earn recognition as a cloud technology expert.

Oracle Cloud Certifications

What is the Oracle Cloud Certification path?

As far as Oracle Cloud is concerned, it has many paths, and there are certificates available in different ways. Clues include:

IaaS: Deals with cloud  Infrastructure as a Service-IaaS, and you have two certificates to pass two certification exams in this category.

PaaS: This category includes different domains and various certifications to also receive in this category. The areas include application development: business analysis and management, data and content management, expertise, and integration.

SaaS-CX: This category includes Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Social Cloud, Service Cloud, Configuration Cloud, Price and Citation fields, and certificates within them.

SaaS-EPM: Addresses enterprise performance management cloud, financial consolidation, profitability, cloud cost management, closed cloud, enterprise planning, cloud budget, and the certifications it is based on.

SaaS-ERP – covers risk management cloud, finance cloud, project portfolio management, and procurement cloud.

SaaS-HCM: Certifications in this category refer to Human Resources and include HR, Reward Cloud, and Talent Management Cloud.

SaaS-SCM: Focuses on inventory management, life cycle management, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain planning, and order management.

Why are Oracle Cloud Certifications So Popular?

Oracle Cloud certifications prevail because Oracle University provides them through their accredited schools, which means high-quality training and worthy certifications. Since you have certificates to obtain at any stage of your career, they may need escalation and are in great demand.

Why Should You Get Oracle Cloud Certification?

If you think you already have a good job and don’t need certification, think again. Technological growth is happening rapidly, and you have the latest technologies tested and applied every day. It would help if you stay up-to-date, and certifications that require training in some cases and exams as in others are the best way to update and make management know that you are qualified and qualified. Other than that, it is confirmed that over 80% of professionals who earn Oracle Cloud certification have achieved a salary increase, job improvement, or promotion.

How to obtain an Oracle Cloud certification?

As an applicant pursuing certification in Oracle Certification Exam Technology, follow these simple steps to help you achieve the accreditation of your dreams for your career advancement.

Step 1: Choose the degree you want to obtain based on the technology and field of interest. If you are unsure which certification to get, you should contact an Oracle Training and Certification representative.

Step 2: prepare for the exams. If a certification requires training, attend training sessions.

Step 3: Register for your exam.

Step 4: Upon completing the certification exam, earn the Oracle Certification Badge that will be an excellent Career Accelerator.

How to Study for the Oracle Cloud Certification Exam?

You have to prepare for the exam by learning from the study guide and taking the practice tests. You now have the option to get an online educational subscription for lessons in various fields of cloud technology.

How do you take the exams?

You can register for the exam at pearsonvue. It requires searching for a test center, where you will see a test center in the base, selecting the Oracle Cloud certification exam you want to take, and ordering it.

Tips for taking Oracle Cloud Certification exams

  • Individual applicants must take practice tests.
  • You can study from online videos for specific exams, especially for OCI.
  • Must take certification courses related to cloud technology.
  • You can refer to the documents at docs.oracle.com to understand and review our technical insights.
  • You can choose online learning subscriptions to get a better understanding of the concepts.
  • You can take courses at Oracle.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud Certifications

You will gain sufficient knowledge and skills to be eligible to excel in the ever-changing world of technology. With the experience you gain from choosing these certifications, you will perform very well in your job and become one of the most respected employees.

Oracle is a globally recognized organization, and obtaining accreditation from Oracle indicates that you will also be recognized internationally. The certification is valid worldwide and will help you get a new job and much more.

He notes that people with Oracle certifications get a 7% salary increase compared to non-certified professionals.

You will earn a higher salary for any job you apply for. So if the increasing salary is your goal, these certifications are the best for you.

If you have the skills to manage and interact with the Oracle Cloud Platform, you will need to test so the world can figure out your skills. These Oracle Cloud certifications are the best way to explain to employers that you are the best fit for their organization and that you can be one of the employees who can profit for the company or organization.

You will also get many job opportunities that can help you create a better career in this field.


Undoubtedly, preparing for Oracle Cloud certification exams will lead to a better understanding of cloud technology theories and technical aspects, preparing you to become a better administrator and competent adopter of the technology. You will be recognized for your skills, not only in your workplace but also globally, as Oracle is a known and trusted name internationally. Without a doubt, it is the best way to enhance your knowledge in the fast-growing field of technology. Not only will you benefit financially after obtaining the certificate, but you will also be rich in knowledge and skills in the field of your choice.

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