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5 Tips to Improve your Sleep Hygiene

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Sleep Hygiene

Last Updated on January 25, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

Sleep for 6-8 hours if you want to live long, sleep if you want to keep your body and brain healthy, sleep well if you want to repair your body from everyday damage. 

For all these reasons and many others, sleeping is important. It is a common observation that says that when we don’t sleep enough we become restless and experience fatigue. You can find it difficult to work well and can affect your everyday activities. Thus, good sleep hygiene is necessary for you. 

Sleep Hygiene:

While you sleep, your thoughts and frame are busy replenishing cells, restoring strength and rebuilding tissue. Without sleep, you wouldn’t have sufficient strength to perform primary physical functions, a great deal much less gets your forty-hour paintings a week in. Getting sufficient sleep can offer many advantages to your bodily and intellectual fitness as well. The right quantity of sleep has been recognized to decrease your chance of coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, weight problems and Alzheimer’s. It additionally maintains your strength stage up, improves your mood, and fights off tension and depression.

Inside, you’ve got got an organic clock that allows adjusting all of the approaches on your frame that occur over a 24-hour period. The approaches, referred to as your circadian rhythm, inform your frame while it’s time to doze off and awaken every day. When your rhythm is out of sync, you could have hassle falling asleep or staying asleep which could result in insomnia and different sleep issues. The high-satisfactory manner to govern your circadian rhythms is through working towards proper sleep hygiene.

How to Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Now that you recognize what sleep hygiene is and why sleep is vital in your typical fitness, you are probably questioning how you could create and exercise proper sleep hygiene behaviours. There are numerous clean to put in force steps you could take every day so that it will have an immediate impact on the high-satisfactory of your sleep. Let’s examine a regular day and spot how you could begin incorporating adjustments that will help you institute a higher sleep regimen.

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Why is Sleep Hygiene Important?

Some people, however, don’t require 6-8 hours of sleep and can function well only if they are sleeping for 4-6 hours. This can be quite right because sleep requirements can vary from person to person and depend upon how they spend the most part of their day. If you engage yourself in intense physical activity, you will require more sleep than somebody who is engaged more in mental activity and doesn’t move enough throughout the day.

However, there is still a requirement for proper and regular sleep. I remember my mother used to visit a physician at Bantva Anis Hospital because she developed insomnia. Her sleep trouble was coming from the medications she was consuming for some medical issue and was treated accordingly. 

How to Improve Sleep Hygiene?

However, it’s not always that sleep trouble requires treatment from medical professionals. Many times, sleep troubles can be treat at home. In case you are wondering how you can do this, then here are some of the tips that can be a great help for you. 

However, some people don’t need 6-8 hours of sleep. Also, you can only sleep well if you sleep 4 to 6 hours. This can be true as people’s sleep needs change and can depend on how they spend most of their day. When you’re intensely physically active, you’re more mentally active and need more sleep than those who don’t get enough exercise during the day.

However, proper and regular sleep is required. I remember going to Bantabaanis Hospital because my mother was suffering from insomnia. Her insomnia was related to the medications she was taking for medical reasons and she was treated appropriately.

1- Don’t sleep during day time

Many people experience sleep difficulty not because they are not sleeping well but because they take a part of their sleep during the daytime. When you sleep during day time, this ultimately fulfils a part of your sleep requirements and you then don’t require enough sleep during the nighttime. So, yes you can try limiting your sleeping hours if you have trouble sleeping during the nighttime. 

2- Avoid blue light exposure 

People who are exposing to blue light during the later part of the day are more likely to experience sleep troubles. This is because blue light keeps your brain awake and when you go to bed you find it hard to sleep and this can be one reason behind the sleep troubles you are suffering from. So, you can try limiting your blue light exposure especially hours before heading to bed if you want to sleep well. 

3- Limit caffeine consumption

People who love drinking tea and coffee can suffer from sleep troubles due to this reason. When you intake coffee or tea, it can interfere with your brain activity cycles keeping you awake for longer periods of time because your brain is alert. Here you can try to limit consumption of tea and coffee especially if you like both stronger. You can simply replace it with plain water or other healthy drinks if you want to sleep well. 

4- Manage stress

Stress can disrupt your sleep schedule and you can find it difficult to sleep well when stressed. Waking up in the middle of the night again and again or feeling tired after you wake up in the morning, are all of these signs that you might be stressed. You can’t expect to enjoy a good night’s sleep with all these signs. Thus, stress management becomes important here and can improve your sleep quality.

5- Try essential oils

Essential oils have been a popular remedy and come as a favourable option to treat many health troubles. Some of the essential oils can improve our sleep quality by affecting our olfactory receptors and sending calming signals to our brains. So, you can add a few drops of essential oil into a humidifier and improve your sleep quality. 

Bottom Line!

Good and quality sleep is important and affects many of our daily life activities. Good quality sleep can make you feel fresh and relieve your stress after you wake up in the morning. Many things can impact our sleep hygiene thus affecting our sleep quality. You can follow these tips to improve your sleep hygiene or can take help from a medical professional. 

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