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7 Advantages and Disadvantages for Young People Using Social Networks

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Last Updated on January 16, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

In this article, I will discuss 7 advantages and 7 disadvantages of using social networks for young people, teens, and adults. This phenomenon has been around for over 10 years, and it seems it will continue to be a trend.

There are many disadvantages to using the internet. There are many benefits, but they are often overlooked.

The Advantages

1 -Worldwide connection

You can connect with people through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Not only this but also the opportunity to meet people and introduce yourself to people you would otherwise be unable to reach. LinkedIn has heads or company presidents.


Facebook’s best feature is its groups. They enable people to connect from different places around the globe through a form of “collective intelligence”.

There are two types of information: public and private. In each, you can ask questions and publish information.

You can also create a group of friends or professionals who share the same goal and connect with others who have the same interests.

This was possible before forums. These forums are far opaquer.

3-Social complaint

You will be notified of any news about crimes, corruption, or other crimes. Every day, news about crimes, corruption, and other criminal activities will reach your social media networks.

We can now say that any type of information, regardless of its source, can be made available through new technologies. This includes social media, digital newspapers, and other means.

This was years before the advent of social media. The media were more tightly controlled by the upper spheres of power, and access to information was limited to what was published in traditional media like tv, radio, or newspapers.

Social networks are one reason why corruption, crime, and social inequalities have become so well-known at an international level.

4-Instant communication

Imagine a time when our grandparents used to communicate with each other.

It has been a short time since Christmas, so you’ll probably hear the phone call or the postcard or letter you received from relatives.

It is amazing to see the technological advancements in communication systems. You can type on your mobile phone or computer and get in touch with multiple people at once, from any location.

Skype, WhatsApp, and other platforms that allow for instant communication are some of the most well-known. Online training is something that few people would have thought possible a few years back. You can study from anywhere you want and at your own pace.

This means that social networks can also be used to train, either face-to-face or distance. Hangouts can be held on Google + to conduct seminars. You can also create Google + communities and Facebook groups where you can share information as you teach the class.


There is increasing competition for good jobs, as there are many qualified people but few high-quality jobs.

LinkedIn allows you to showcase your talents, skills, and experience and share that image with the rest of the world. You can also easily connect with companies and people of interest to build relationships.

You can also upload your resume to other platforms like Info job, Job talent, and many more that will allow you to enroll in any offers that interest you.

6-Learn languages

There are no excuses for not learning a language thanks to modern technology. It is possible to do this from your home or at any hour.

You can learn languages online through social networks.

This website allows users to communicate with each other, solve exercises, and even create mini-lessons. You can find more sites on the internet to learn any language.

7-Expand your business

Social networks are a great way to find potential customers if you own a business.

You will also be able to contact them and get information to help you improve your reputation in your area or abroad. Get your business website build from TheDigiLead.

Now the 7 Disadvantages

1-Possibility of identity theft or fraud

You run the risk of having your identity stolen or being hacked by someone who posts too many details on social networks. Be careful with what you share, and make sure to change your passwords frequently.

2-Less face-to-face contact

This is, without doubt, the most serious disadvantage.

Excessive behavior is always bad, and some spend their days using social media. Even some Eating Disorders can be raised due to this. You don’t have to check every five minutes whether someone posted something on Facebook or Twitter expressing happiness or sadness.

It is important to practice social skills.

3-Breakdown relationships

A relationship can be destroyed if it is not managed well on social media.

Sometimes, one of the members of the couple might:

  • Do not be jealous of photos.
  • Always keep an eye.
  • Request access to the account of the couple.
  • Overwhelm…

Any of these can lead to a relationship’s decline and eventual breakdown. It can be particularly difficult to be with a partner who is addicted to mobile phones. These are just a few of the reasons why more and more couples end up splitting apart, along with WhatsApp.

4-Loss of time, productivity

Who hasn’t used Facebook to connect at work?

It is unlikely that your boss would prohibit it. But, when we connect, we lose the focus that we had while working. Usually, it’s to view publications without interest.

It’s better to do everything in one go and then log on to social networks to see what is most important and get started doing something else. I won’t spend my life watching what other people do on Facebook.


Children and teens can misuse social media to encourage cyberbullying. They may make inappropriate contacts, share too many personal details, or use them in a harmful way.

Education in schools and at home about the proper use of social media should be given a special focus. Children see danger as a game and are not naive enough to see it.

6-Build false self-esteem

Many people are addicted to Facebook, uploading photos constantly and waiting for friends to like them. They have higher self-esteem if they get a lot of likes. If no one likes them, it lowers their self-esteem.

This self-esteem is created by others and is not under the person’s control. This means that the power is being granted to others and it is dependent on other people if someone is happy, values himself, or not.

Self-esteem shouldn’t be dependent on others but should be based on oneself. No matter what other people think or do, one must be proud of who one is.

7-Using false information

False news and hoaxes are very popular lately.

While some jokes are fun and funny, others can become tiresome or cause problems at the national level.



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