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Discussion on Every Aspect of Rib Cage Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy

Last Updated on January 19, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

Massage treatment is well known for relieving pain in the body’s uncomfortable areas. To get relief from the pain that part needs more attention than other ones. Well, have you ever thought that there is another part of the body that needs 5 minutes of massage?  The massage therapist mustn’t overlook that area. The part of the body that deserves a 5-minute massage is your rib cage. Because those 5 minutes can make it more effective than ever before. It is not a marketing tactic to attract more customers for massage treatment.

We’re not talking about some type of full body massage magic act. The creation of meaningful contact with the ribs is not so easy. This requires a lot of focus, practice, and an intention to do this. It’s so difficult to implement that thing in massage therapy with the right technique. If you want to make your massage sessions simple and effective then don’t miss it out read on.

Focus On the Lateral Sides:

The massage therapist usually doesn’t focus on the lateral musculature of the body. They mainly concentrate on the anterior and posterior musculature. The issue is that massage therapists see clients only in two dimensions. They consider the front and back area of the client’s body massage. But in reality, they have to consider three dimensions of the body while giving massage therapy. The two-way approach is providing no benefit to individuals. Clients will get the same thing day after day without bringing any extraordinary change in them. The repetition of the same session, again and again, will also burn you out.

Side Is A Solution:

The best solution to get yourself out of the two-dimensional approach is sides. When you see clients from all angles, it increases the chances of giving a great session. This happens because of using a different approach to satisfy clients. Moreover, they are getting what they want from massage therapy. The three-dimension includes movement in every direction than only in no way dimension.

Techniques Of a Rib Cage Massage:

Forgiving a successful rib cage massage for full body, you can start with these two techniques.

Lean To the Opposite Side:

  • Place yourself on the opposite side of the area you wish to make touch with. The client’s body must be level with their shoulders and facing their left hip.
  • Wrap the left hand’s fingers around the lateral aspect of the lower-left ribcage. Do this while moving across the client’s body. Ensure that your fingers are positioned in the intercostal area between each rib.
  • Your back should be straight and long. Bend your knees as if you were sitting in an imaginary chair in that position. Push your bodyweight backwards, lifting the client’s trunk off the table slightly.
  • The important element is that you are holding the client but not driving your fingers into the rib cage. Allow the intercostals to dissolve through your fingers by leaning back gently and effortlessly.
  • If their ribs slip out from your grip, resist impulse ad grab them more tightly. Allow the tissues to melt and wrap around your other hand’s fingers. The position must be slightly superior to the position of the other hand. Again, lean back lifting and mobilizing the next segment of tissue. Allow this part to pass through your fingers slowly.

Sink On the Same Side:

  • Position yourself so that you level with the middle rib of the client. Kneel or sit on a stool whatever seems suitable. Stay far enough from their body to keep the position of arms straight. Your hands are touching their lateral ribs.
  • In this position, you can reach the lateral muscles of the first sequence. You’ll be more detailed and specific in your approach. Move away from their body to move the muscles.
  • Begin by sinking into the intercostal muscles found between the lower ribs. Place the right-hand palm’s base on the table. The finger of the hand should point towards the opposite shoulder. Then contact the intercostal spaces that exist at the lateral most curve of ribs.
  • Sink into intercostal muscles and lean forward from your hips. We can’t suggest the greater movement along between the ribs. It’s better than intercoastal moving freely from their current position.
  • When muscles and fascia start getting softer. Place your right hand at a superior position into the upper ribs. Then move it into the axilla while sinking between posterior ribs and anterior shoulder blade surface.
  • By leaning forward from your hips, you will never press or deliver pressure. Instead of it, push muscles from your arms.
Reason For Rib Cage Massage Therapy:

The above techniques are only the tips of the ice burg. Use both techniques with care and you can integrate them for a better session. These techniques always make clients content and happy. The reason behind giving this full body massage is very simple. Most of the clients have a specific need for rib cage massage. The people who need rib cage massage includes the following:

  • Pregnant women
  • Tennis players
  • Golfers
  • Athletes
  • Actors
  • Singers

Apart from this specification, every person needs rib cage massage therapy. There is nothing in it to get curious about. This is a need of everyone for the following simple reasons:

  • The more pliable rib cage enhances our mobility.
  • We can breathe better because of the pliable rib cage.

As massage therapists, we listen to a lot of complaints about the upper part like the neck and shoulder. But clients rarely complain about the issue in their ribs. So, this makes the ignorance of the rib cage easy for massage therapists. In reality, massage on the rib cage helps us to get relief from all upper body traps.

Final Comments:

Getting a massage on the rib cage from the Meridian Spa removes all upper body traps. Produce ease in breathing and mobility. So, massage therapists have to become responsible enough to not overlook rib cage massage. The clients won’t ask them to do so because most of them don’t know its benefits. You need to incorporate it in your massage technique for a competitive edge.

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