July 25, 2024

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Famous Places To Visit In Greece That Will Mesmerise You

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Places To Visit In Greece

Last Updated on January 19, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

Holding its own the highest ranks as European tourist places. Greece could be a country that’s well-known for its sunny beaches, ancient ruins, delicious cuisine, painted villages. In fact, the nice, cozy, and friendly atmosphere.

If you have been planning a getaway to Greece, and are eyeing the most exciting places to go to once there, there’s a wealth of choices to explore. From the Greek Islands like Kefalonia and Corfu towards the west to the sea enjoying host to Mykonos, Santorini, Kos, and Rhodes, there are such a lot of places to see in Greece. Looking to fo there? No worry! Get packed, book british airways reservations in any class and save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. Read on to know more.

From experiencing the pre-Hellenic Minoan culture of the island to enjoying a landscape that ought to have the Greek gods; the monastery at Meteora, the ruins of Delphi; and in fact, who will forget the foremost famous Athens and also the Parthenon. Here’s a tiny list to assist you in your quest to find out the best places to go to in Greece:

Cape Sounion

Located at the southern tip of Attica. Cape Sounion, known to be the location. Where you’ll realize the ruins of Poseidon’s (god of the sea) Ancient Greek temple. The remains of the temple are perked on the headland and are encircled by the ocean on 3 sides. The location of the temple is sort of a well-liked place to see in Greece and is nice for a daytime excursion from Athens. Experiencing the sunset over the sea right from the ruins of the temple could be a spectacle that will absolutely leave you mesmerized!


Next on the list of the top tourist places in Greece is Thessaloniki, which is the second-largest town within the country. Thessaloniki is additionally the capital town of the Macedonian region of Northern Greece. Some people even consult with this town as being the cultural capital of Greece because it offers each old and new attractions to guests. Ranging from its Byzantine walls, Turkish baths, White Tower, vibrant markets, art galleries, and museums. Other major aspects that make Thessaloniki one of the most exciting places to go to in Greece are its social events, lively festivals, and active nightlife that span little tavernas, nightclubs, and different entertainment options.


While trying to find places to go to in Greece, you can not miss out on Zagori. A locality that’s abundant in natural beauty. Placed in the northwestern region of Greece, the place has some striking geology and is home to 2 national parks also. The rugged mountains and dense forests of Zagori have powerful rivers flowing through them. Just because of this, the scene is completed by traditional villages that dot the landscape. Many of those villages feature grand stone homes that date as far back because of the late eighteenth century. The best way to explore this quaint area is to hike on the various paths that connect these villages.


Quite close to the town of Thessaloniki could be a trident-like peninsula referred to as Halkidiki. This area makes it to the list of the foremost attention-grabbing places to go to in Greece as every and each ‘prong’ of the Halkidiki trident forms a separate peninsula. To summarise these 3 peninsulas, one might say – the district is home to the monks, Sithonia is the one with the beaches, and Kassandra for the nightlife. As closest to Thessaloniki, it is the foremost built up ‘prong’ whereas Sithonia is home to campgrounds, clear waters, and even some hidden coves. On the other hand, a lot of the eastern peninsula belongs to the Mount Athos monastic community, is accessible by boat, and is open only to male pilgrims.


Traditionally referred to as Morea (meaning a mulberry leaf), Peloponnese is located in the south region of Greece. The place with a leaf-shaped outline and could be a wide peninsula that’s connected to the mainland via the Rio-Antirrio bridge. Another one is among the most exciting places to go to in Greece. Known for its ancient culture in its classic Greek temples, Mycenaean palaces, Byzantine churches, and Venetian fortresses. Also enclosed in these places is Olympia; it is said that the first Olympic Games were commenced here to honor Zeus, the god of the skies.


This is probably the most well-liked archeological site and place to go to in Greece, right after the Acropolis in Athens. Situated about 2½ hours away from Athens and falls on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Among all the places in Greece, the traditional Greeks used to revere Delphi because of the center of the planet. Delphi was also a very important oracle, dedicated to the god, Apollo. People want to visit this sacred spot to consult the priest for recommendations on a variety of things. That ranged from farming to politics and relationships. A number of places that you simply visit here include the temple of Apollo, the Athenian Treasury, and also the theatre and arena that had once hosted the ancient Pythian Games.


In Greek, the word Meteora stands for being “suspended in air”. And the phrase will be used to describe one of the best places in Greece. These spectacular cliffs rise for more than 366 meters or 1200 feet into the air. These cliffs overlook the villages of Kastraki and Kalambaka within the north-central mainland. 

Another fact that makes these cliffs count among the foremost well-liked places to travel to is Greece. It is home to a variety of historic monasteries that perch on the summits. These monasteries at Meteora were built back in the 14th and 16th centuries by monks. Who was seeking spiritual isolation and freedom from religious persecution at the time?


Still, wondering? We hope this list will definitely convince you to try some. Such a popular destination among all kinds of travelers. If you want to explore this Mediterranean country on your next vacation in Europe. Then, plan an exciting trip to Greece with AirlinesMap.com and customize your package to have a unique holiday experience!

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