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Himachal Pradesh honeymoon

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Kashmir great lakes trek

Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by Jonathan Lopez

 In contrast, is there a state like Himachal Pradesh? Himachal Pradesh is a gift from God, everywhere you can mark your memory forever.

 1. Kullu Manali

 is undoubtedly the most popular honeymoon destination in Himachal Pradesh, whether it is summer or winter, it is a paradise. Of course, there is also much fun in popular areas (paragliding in Solang Valley, Rohtangla High Crossing experience, relaxing along the river, casual shopping, too many to mention).

 This place is by far the most popular honeymoon area in Himachal Pradesh, both in summer and winter. Of course, there are also many popular activities in the area (you can paraglider in the Solang Valley, experience the Rohtang Pass, relax by the river, go shopping, the list goes on).

 2. Dharamshala & Mcleodganj

 Tranquility and Dharamshala go hand in hand. If you are a cultural lover exploring history and religion, this place will not disappoint you. Dharamshala and Mcloedganj are also gourmet food, with beautiful resorts throughout, suitable for all budget options.

 3. Shimla, Chail and Kufri

 These famous mountain railways have convenient transportation and compact schedules, they are magnificent places that take you back to the time of the Raj. Long winding roads, many beautiful mountains behind them, and old buildings, all of these areas provide many opportunities for exploration. Connect with your partner in the natural lap and live your complete honeymoon!

 4. Kinnaur Valley

 Adrenaline Seeker – This is for you. If your atmosphere is more like a road trip, plan your route to the Kinnaur Valley! If you are driving alone, be careful because the journey is tedious (even if the scenery is worth it).

 Also, I hope to stay longer in these places and on the road to make sure that he is fully warmed up and has enough time to enjoy each place while giving him plenty of time to talk!

 The landscape of this area is unlike anything you will experience, people only dream of the degree of isolation. However, you must be prepared and attentive for this trip.

 Kinnaur is a very beautiful valley. The background of the area requires a lot of energy. 

 5. Spiti Valley

 If you are considering an adventure for your honeymoon, the route to Spiti Valley will not disappoint you. But before making this decision, make sure you understand the risks and your partner agrees, and spend your honeymoon in a high-end location like Spiti Valley.

 In places like Spiti Valley, things can go wrong very quickly and you can’t get a chance to spend your honeymoon.

 Honeymoon in the Himalayas in Jammu and Kashmir

 If heaven is above the earth, it is here, here, here, Kashmir. Is here! As a description of Jammu and Kashmir, how many times have we heard it?

 Of course, given the romance and beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, this should be correct! Legends stick to the truth; in fact, true beauty can only be described, felt, and experienced in words!

 1. Pahalgam

 If the world is isolated, you must visit the Valley of Aru and the Valley of Betabu. Then, hike to the Kohli Glacier, go rafting in Lidder, and ride a pony in Baisaran. In Pahalgam, there are many things to do, but you have to be close to nature. This honeymoon will definitely keep you engaged and cuddling!

 2. Srinagar and Gulmarg

 We have dreamed of being romantic in the Kashmir Valley since we were young, thanks to Bollywood! Dal Lake and Srinagar’s tulip garden are naturally the center stages of this dream. Stay on board, enjoy amazing local cuisine, explore nearby trails, and shop at the main Lal Chowk market!

 It will also make you curious about the pedestrian towns, old buildings, and the local Kashmir great lakes trek. This is a great experience for you. Here you can spend 1012 days, you can easily plan your honeymoon trip!

 In addition, in the pleasant summer in the valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, the flower meadow covered with a white blanket in the winter-Gulmarg is a perfect picture definition. GULMARG won’t let you down! A great place for the thrill of skiing and snowing.

 A cable car ride on the highest cable car in the world will take you to Aparwath. You will see a wonderful sight. Hiking, golf, mountain biking, fishing, etc. are other activities in the area.

 3. Sonamarg-Dras

 Ah, the beauty of Sonamarg cannot be expressed in words. When I first came to this village, I couldn’t breathe! Sonmarg has abundant lakes, which is a kind of viewing pleasure. Lake Vishansar is a must-visit place near the Krishna Lake area.

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 Dras is located on the Srinagar Highway, about 60 kilometers from Sonmarg sports, which is crazy! You cross the Zojila Pass through the stark contrast of the Ladakh Valley!

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