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Top 5 React Native Apps of 2021

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Last Updated on March 10, 2022 by Jonathan Lopez

React Native is a cutting-edge technology that has gained immense popularity from topnotch giants. Mobile app developers are implementing the sophisticated technologies not only on mobiles but other smart devices as well. React Native is one such example of these techniques, which has been powering consistently many of the applications.

To prove React Native development is a great choice for many businesses in 2021, we have listed five of the most popular apps built with React Native.

Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook Ads Manager – a robust application powered by React Native – makes it easier for organizations to remain associated with their execution of the advertisement, irrespective of their location. You can use your mobile device to make and track Facebook advertisements with great and efficient portable tools.

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Furthermore, you can utilize recordings as well as photos from the library of your gadget to establish contact with people for branding on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, etc. you can even modify your content and focus on timetables. This app enables businesses and marketers to create and manage Facebook Ads without hassles.


It was the year 2017 when Skype announced the team was building an application, which would be based on React Native. And the newest Skype app was a completely revamped version of Skype – and a great part of this app was developed – right from its design to functionality. The company had to transfer almost every feature of the oldest version of Skype to the new one and incorporated a plethora of exciting features. Millions of users use Skype around the world.


There is no question that Walmart is one of the most trusted and renowned retailers on the planet. The team at Walmart had to place a massive bet on React Native so it could retain the top position on the market, aside from providing the outstanding customer experience.

When it came to the development of both Android and iOS apps, React Native let them use the same time, which led to reduction in labor costs by half. It did not take long to complete the initial stages of development and the creation of additional features.


Tesla – a world renowned electric car manufacturer – relied on React Native for its mobile app development. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology! It hardly makes any difference to users whether they are using an Android or iOS device. App features like horn, lights, charging, or the panoramic roof are available on both platforms allowing users to make the most of same capabilities.


Do you think it is easy to imagine the world without Instagram on your mobile device – one of the most popular applications in the world? Launched in 2010, Instagram has gained tremendous popularity, with 100,000 users in the first week.

If there is any social network app that made sensation, after Facebook, it has to be Instagram. It allows the users share their photographs and videos. That is the reason why users appreciated the idea of capturing and sharing the best and most crucial moments of their life on one of the most versatile apps built with React Native.

There is a lot you can do with Instagram, including:

  • Post photos and videos
  • Browse feeds other users post
  • Go live with your followers’ group or in public
  • Allows users to add Hashtags, Filters, and more

The notion that building mobile apps using only one paradigm for all platforms seemed unachievable. However, just as the React Native was brought into existence, a large number of applications were developed in this manner. Due to the unique and exciting features offered by React Native – a cross-platform app development framework – it has advanced to be one of the most wanted technologies by developers when building an app in both operating systems: Android and iOS.

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